Here are top 4 must have fitness trackers

Fitness trackers have gone beyond cheap, plastic bands that only track you steps. New activity bands from the likes of Fitbit, Garmin and Misfit pack serious style and give incredible insights into your health. To anybody who is dedicated to fitness or is just getting into it, the perfect accessory to own would be one of these bands that help you track and monitor your workouts.

Five must have watches for men

In today’s world of smartphones with in-built clocks, a wristwatch seems pointless. But wristwatches serve as more than just timekeeping objects; they have many more features and uses to them. More importantly, a watch will always be the perfect accessory to any man’s outfit. It remains to be the only accessory a man can truly wear everyday. A watch showcases the owner’s personality

Our top picks for work wear watches for women

It can be difficult to find the right accessories that are acceptable at the workplace. With certain accessories like jewellery, it can be hard to select a piece that isn’t too loud for the office. A wrist watch therefore makes for the perfect work wear accessory! In fact, an individual’s business attire remains incomplete without a wrist watch.


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